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Our Mission

The Element of Discovery Therapist of Color Collaborative was founded to serve individuals of color with therapeutic services that are culturally responsive, culturally sensitive, trauma-informed, and delivered with compassion to advance racial equity in the mental health setting.


By doing so, we will endeavor to remove the stigma around seeking mental health, racial injustices, and the lack of access continually experienced in communities of color.  We believe that "when therapy looks like you", you feel safer to share your concerns without feeling misunderstood and feel a confidence in asking for the help that you deserve.

Our Experiences

*Mood Disorders


*Grief & Loss

*Traumatic Experiences

*Identity Crisis



*Veteran-specific issues



*Life Transitions


*Career Development

*Personal Growth   

*Addiction Recovery


Please ask a therapist in our collaborative if your concern is not listed, we can help you connect with a therapist that does have the experience you are looking for.

Income-Based Affordable Counseling

Employer-Sponsored Insurance

Community Crime Victim Services

For individuals seeking a different option the Element of Discovery Therapist of Color Collaborative will provide a strictly “private pay option” utilizing income guidelines for qualification and determination of fees. 


This option will not utilize insurance and allows individuals from diverse backgrounds and income levels to seek out therapy with the confidence of knowing you have discovered a place “where therapy looks like you”!  We will work to find a therapist that meets your needs for either:  individual, couple, family, for your child/adolescent.

A number of our Therapists within the Collaborative have been credentialed and can be considered as "Network Providers" for various employer sponsored insurance plans.  

If you feel that you would like to utilize your benefits with one of our Therapists, ensure that you check with your insurance provider to understand your benefits.  We will work to match you to a Therapist that is "within your network" and meets the qualities you are requesting to support you in your journey.  

The Element of Discovery is a proud recipient of the Community Crime Victim Services (CCVS) grant program that was created by the Colorado General Assembly through House Bill 18-1409.


The funds received through this grant will provide no-cost mental health counseling services to individuals and their immediate family members that qualify and have impacted by a crime. 


More specifically, these individuals must identify as a member of a “historically underserved population, namely people of color, men, and young adults” to qualify.